Chile Sauce with Zen Delaney on Friday 29 September 2020

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Chilean astronomer finds a hot Neptune, at 1700 Celsius it’s hot and its years last 19 hours. James Jenkins of Universidad de Chile found the new Neptune.

Antarctic volcano “Orca” causes 35,000 tremors; since 28 August the undersea volcano “Orca”, between South Shetland and the Antarctic peninsula has been active and continue to cause tremors even now.

Pumas invade the empty streets of Santiago during the night, services have thus far repatriated several Pumas back to their habitat.

The national tourism woes, continue with some 120,000 workers suspended f the 300,000 who work in the business nationally.and the latest news on Chile,

The usual top tracks from across the decades and current charts; plus Inti Illimani as the featured Chilean band of today.


Chile Sauce, it’s all about Chile!

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